10 Fastest Electric Bikes in the World.


10 FASTEST ELECTRIC BIKES In The World.Do you like speed and technology? Great, then you will love this video. What better than an electronic bike go very very fast?—————————————————————————LOBITO LIMITED EDITIONThis bike was created by none other than Daniel Oliver Bulto, grandson of the Bultaco’s founder, a renowned brand in motorcycling. VINTAGE ELECTRIC TRACKERAt first sight, you might think that it is an old motorcycle from First World War, with a leather saddle and that catching vintage esthetics. GREYP G12SLook at this flashy and spectacular bike! It was manufactured by Greyp Bikes, a subsidiary of the Croatian company, Rimac Autombili, better known for its high range cars and e-bikes. AUDI E-BIKENothing will stop you with this bike! The AUDI E-BIKE, with a futuristic and minimalist design, is manufactured with carbon fiber and it uses the e-tron technology, which is employed by Audi in its fancy cars.STEALTH B-52Here comes a treasure! Perhaps it is not so futuristic, but it will make you want to go for a ride. The Stealth is one of the most powerful bikes within this electric family.VECTOR VORTEXBig, strong and tough. This fast electric bike was designed by Vector, Ukrainian company in charge of designing, manufacturing and selling these little eco-friendly monsters in Europe.DELFAST ELECTRIC BIKE TOP 2.0Are you tired of pedaling? After a successful prototype of this electric bike, the Ukrainian company, DELFAST, decided to make a product with similar characteristics for its clients. HPC REVOLUTION X Y CAB RECONIt is much faster! And with modern American technology. The HPC Revolution X is the best product provided by the company HPC, since it has a technology coming right from the NASA, for example, the 6-kilowatt motor, a very comfortable suspension, a regenerative brake system that working when it stops speeding up, and an incredible light weight of 79 pounds. BLACKTRAIL BT-01This beast of the 21st century is constructed of carbon fiber, aerospace aluminum, titanium and magnesium. The Black Trail of European company PG-Bikes, is a bike that can reach up to 64 miles per hour, thanks to its 1.2-kilowatt motor. CYCLONE ELECTRIC BIG BOYThis is the winner, fastest, bravest and fiercest of all. It is a titan made in USA by the company CYCLONE. This amazing bike can reach so astonishing speeds of 93.2 miles per hour.About the Video Makers: (I give full credit to Trend Max)Trend Max is an education and entertainment channel dedicated to creating interesting Tops, Lists and more.

Posted by JDB Engineering Research and Services on Saturday, May 9, 2020

10 Fastest Electric Bikes in the World.

Do you like speed and technology? Great, then you will love this video. What better than an electronic bike go very very fast?

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