New 15 Cruiser Motorcycles

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There are good motorcycles, best motorcycles and cruisers. Cruisers are iconic as well as culture and today I will show you the newest of them. I took this all in November 2022 at the EICMA Motorcycle Show and to my surprise the manufacturers of very big and loud names motorcycles did not present their latest models. The legendary Yamaha V-Max was not there. There was no Suzuki Boulevard, and the absence of Harley was a complete disappointment to me. I only filmed in its custom versions and today I would like to offer only this. But I have filmed such extraordinary and unique motorcycle models that will really amaze you. “New players” that I personally predict a promising future, and even some very, very brutal cruisers that make it worth coming to the EICMA show. Enjoy friends. I’m Thomas and this is my author channel Motor News. so. Here are 15 of the latest cruiser motorcycles.

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